Ultra 500i Ceiling Mount
Ultra 500i Ceiling Monitor Mount

Open up your workspace while enhancing user comfort and patient care

The overhead accessibility of the Ultra 500i Ceiling Mount opens up more room in your environment to help streamline workflow and improve patient care with a clear line of sight between the clinician and patient. Securely locked into place above head, this solution enables healthcare and dental providers to position monitors or screens at the most appropriate angles and heights for optimal viewing during patient care. Added tilt, pan and swivel options further help relieve long-term stress of the user's of eyes, neck and back. The monitor solution's cables are internally managed to make for a neater appearance and to simplify cleaning.



Weight Capacity

18 lbs (8.16 kg)

Monitor Rotation


Monitor Tilt


Rotation (horizontal arm swivel)


Ceiling Extension Pipe

12" - 36" (30.48 cm - 91.44 cm)


Standard Colors

Match or complement your decor with our selection of three standard or 7 premium custom colors.

Medical White (MW)
Black (WB)
Quartz Gray (QG)

Medical White gives equipment a spotlessly clean appearance that’s easy to sanitize.

Black is a satin finish that matches most black computer equipment.

Quartz Gray has a strong textured finish that matches most classic gray computer gear.

Custom Colors

Brighten up or complement your workspace with our selection of 7 premium custom colors.

Tan (T)
Arctic Silver (SL)*
Forest Gray (FG)*
Pewter (PW)*
Bronze (BR)*
Shadow (SH)*
Charcoal (CH)*

NOTE: Custom colors requires an additional $350 per line item.

Also, expect longer lead times for custom colors.

*Custom colors to match Forest Dental furniture.