Elite Double-Arm Laptop Wall Mount
Elite 5220 Laptop Tray Mount

Long-reaching, fully articulate and adjustable laptop solution

Be more comfortable using your laptop computer and have your choice of sitting or standing. This is a height-adjustable arm with a laptop tray that improves ergonomics and can help relieve neck and back strain. The Elite 5220 Laptop Tray Mount raises and lowers 42″ (106.7 cm), reaches up to 65″ (165 cm) and has 180° of horizontal movement–enabling you to position your laptop computer where it’s most comfortable for you to work. This mounting solution is easy to adjust, effortless to use and stows away compactly. It works with any notebook computer and can mount to a wall, wall track, desk or pole.



Keyboard Swivel


Weight Capacity

28 lbs (12.7 kg)

Monitor Rotation


Reach (maximum horizontal reach)

65″ (165 cm)

Vertical Movement

42" (106.7 cm)


Standard Colors

Match or complement your decor with our selection of three standard or 7 premium custom colors.

Medical White (MW)
Black (WB)
Quartz Gray (QG)

Medical White gives equipment a spotlessly clean appearance that’s easy to sanitize.

Black is a satin finish that matches most black computer equipment.

Quartz Gray has a strong textured finish that matches most classic gray computer gear.

Custom Colors

Brighten up or complement your workspace with our selection of 7 premium custom colors.

Tan (T)
Arctic Silver (SL)*
Forest Gray (FG)*
Pewter (PW)*
Bronze (BR)*
Shadow (SH)*
Charcoal (CH)*

NOTE: Custom colors requires an additional $350 per line item.

Also, expect longer lead times for custom colors.

*Custom colors to match Forest Dental furniture.