Elite 5220 Sit-Stand Workstation Wall Mount w/ Paralink monitor adjuster
Elite 5220 Double Arm Wall Mount

Best-selling true sit-stand workstation features the industry's longest reach as well as effortless articulation, solid support and compact stowage

The Elite 5220 Wall Mount is an exceptional ergonomic solution offering extensive reach, smooth articulation and solid support. No matter your height or whether you'd like to sit or stand, the Elite 5220 Wall Mount is a true sit-stand workstation for everyone. It's designed to reduce the negative health effects from prolonged sitting, musculoskeletal injuries and fatigue while helping you find the most comfortable working position. When the workstation isn't in use, it's quick and simple to stow into a compact profile, freeing up valuable floor space for patient families and staff. Additionally, the workstation's slick powder coat finish and internal cable management makes cleaning and disinfection a breeze to maintain a hygienic medical environment. New boost



Weight Capacity

30 lbs (13.6 kg) with Flat Panel only
22 lbs. (10 kg) with Flat Panel and keyboard

Monitor Rotation


Monitor Tilt


Reach (maximum horizontal reach)

Flat Panel only: 56.25″ (142.9 cm)
Flat Panel and Keyboard: 58″ (147.3 cm)
Flat Panel and Keyboard Ultra Slide: 68″ (173 cm)rd

Rotation (horizontal arm swivel)

180° - 360°


Standard Colors

Match or complement your decor with our selection of three standard or 7 premium custom colors.

Medical White (MW)
Black (WB)
Quartz Gray (QG)

Medical White gives equipment a spotlessly clean appearance that’s easy to sanitize.

Black is a satin finish that matches most black computer equipment.

Quartz Gray has a strong textured finish that matches most classic gray computer gear.

Custom Colors

Brighten up or complement your workspace with our selection of 7 premium custom colors.

Tan (T)
Arctic Silver (SL)*
Forest Gray (FG)*
Pewter (PW)*
Bronze (BR)*
Shadow (SH)*
Charcoal (CH)*

NOTE: Custom colors requires an additional $350 per line item.

Also, expect longer lead times for custom colors.

*Custom colors to match Forest Dental furniture.