Real People Building Your Mount: Larry

Real People: Larry

Name: Larry
Job Title: Controller
How long with ICW: 3 years

What are your job responsibilities?
Providing financial reports on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Providing Board reports and financial statements. Resolving accounting challenges such as questions about inventory tracking.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I am very detail oriented and work hard to be sure the information I provide is accurate. I also enjoy a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when I see other people succeed.

What’s something about your job you’re most proud of?
Gathering and creating reports using accurate data is the very important first step. Analyzing that information and making it understandable is the second step. The third and final step is presenting the information to management so that good business decisions can be made with the information I provide to them.

Favorite activities outside of work?
I live on a hobby farm with cats, dogs, chickens and goats. I’m remodeling my home using my skills in rough and finish carpentry, sheet rocking, taping, texturing, tiling, plumbing, and electrical. I have built kitchen cabinets, restored antiques, and rebuilt car engines. In my spare time I also play acoustic guitar and do my best to keep my wife happy.

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