Clamp Style Computer Mount – Large

Clamp Style Computer Mount Large

Clamp Style Computer Mount – Large

Designed for form factor CPUs from 4.6″ to 8″ wide (11.7 cm – 20.3 cm), these units are constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, with neoprene padding to protect your CPU as it is clamped securely into the mount.

This unit is powder coated gloss white for a durable, lasting finish. Hand assembly ensures that a quality product is shipped to you.

Link to Small size. Fits CPUs from 2″ to 4.7″ wide (5cm -11.9 cm)


Finish: Powder coated gloss white*
Weight capacity: 45 lbs (20 kg)
Width adjustment: 4.6″ – 8″ (11.7cm – 20.3cm)
Mounting surface: Wall

* Available in your choice of 3 standard and 11 custom colors.
Call for information.