Ultra AS1 Short Extension Arm

The Ultra AS1 Short Extension Arm provides 6” more reach at either end of arm. Adds more horizontal rotation to wall, desk, pole and track mounts. Mounts to most ICW arms. Allows for extra arm extension. Brings the monitor or … Read more

Ergonomic Tips for Computer Use

The following is an excerpt from the University of North Carolina website on Ergonomics. Ergonomics can roughly be defined as the study of people in their working environment. More specifically, an ergonomist (pronounced like economist) designs or modifies the work … Read more

NEW Overhead Arm LCD Mount

ICW’s unique overhead arm LCD mount provides long reach and can be attached to the wall or above a cabinet. It’s an excellent solution for healthcare, dental and industrial applications that require extensive range of motion for a monitor. … Read more

NEW Ultra 182 Sit-Stand Workstation

ICW’s Ultra 182 sit-stand workstation provides unsurpassed vertical and horizontal rotation. The keyboard and monitor can be precisely adjusted to any position. … Read more

NEW Dual Ultra 180 Workstation

The patent pending Dual Ultra 180 sit-workstation is versatile, compact and strong. It provides 180 degrees of horizontal rotation at the wall track mount. Each Ultra 180 arm adjusts 180 degrees vertically as well as rotating up to 360 degrees … Read more

NEW Elite 5216 Compact Double Arm Wall Mount

The NEW Elite 5216 Compact Double Arm Wall Mount with Paralink supports up to 28 lbs while providing effortless movement. The arm is fully cable managed and gas spring assisted. It provides: Up to 30″ of vertical adjustment 58″ of … Read more

New Scanner Mounts and Mini PC Mount

Introducing our NEW Barcode Scanner Mount and Mini PC Mount. The Barcode Scanner Mount fits conveniently behind the monitor or behind the keyboard and easily installs on any VESA mount. The Mini PC Mount fits any size Mini PC and also mounts behind the monitor. … Read more

New Service Tray

Shown on the Elite Double Arm. Mounts to any ICW arm that has our new Ultra Flip Up Keyboard Tray. 16” by 5½” tray holds medications and other small, important items. 1/4″ lip prevents items from rolling off. Conveniently flips … Read more

Real People Building Your Mount: Larry

“I am very detail oriented and work hard to be sure the information I provide is accurate. I also enjoy a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when I see other people succeed.” … Read more