New Writable Finishes

Writable Finishes
WRITE A QUICK NOTE for the next caregiver or co-worker in a place they can’t miss—on the underside of a flipped up keyboard tray. Our smooth, non-porous, writable finishes make it convenient to pass non-confidential notes and provide a surface that’s easy to wipe spotlessly clean.

ICWUSA.COM, Inc. constantly strives to provide our customers with technology that makes their jobs easier. We’re pleased to announce that effective January 2, 2014 we will be offering the following functional enhancements to our colors.

Textured Black (TB) will become Writable Black (WB)
The color tone of the Black is virtually unchanged. However, the Writable Black will have a smoother, non-porous finish with a slight gloss. The new Writable Black can be written on with dry erase pens—neon colors are recommended. ICW will keep some Textured Black on hand for custom orders and parts for arm configurations shipped prior to January 2, 2014.

Medical White (MW) will now be writable
The color tone for the new Medical White is identical to our present Medical White color. However the new powder coating will have a smooth, non-porous surface that can be written on with dry erase pens.

If you have any comments or questions about our powder coating and anodizing improvements, please contact your ICW equipment dealer or call an ICW product specialist Toll Free at 1-800-558-4435.

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