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Comparing mounting arms to other options


Mounting arms are conveniently located where they are used and are consistent with research that encourages bedside use of technology.

Make the best choice

In the fast-paced environment of health care, there’s no time to waste and no room for error. The design of a facility, with its fixed and moveable components, can have a significant impact on the health and safety of employees, patients, and families. Given their ready access, durability and slim design, mounting arms are a reliable partner in a landscape that offers little predictability.

Why mounting arms provide the best solution:

Mounting arms simplify infection control
Unlike carts, which can spread contamination when they are rolled from room to room, mounting arms are confined to one room and are easy to thoroughly disinfect.

Mounting arms are ready on demand
Mounting arms are conveniently located where they are used and are consistent with research that encourages bedside use of technology.9 No time is wasted searching for a cart that must then be rolled to the point of care. Further, arms do not require the constant upkeep to stay charged and operational, as carts and tablets do.

Mounting arms save space
Physical space is at a premium in the health care setting. Mounting arms use a minimum amount of space and stow compactly against the wall or ceiling. Carts take up valuable real estate, can clog hallways and may even block emergency exits.

Mounting arms can help reduce distractions
Mobile technology offers numerous benefits to health care staff. But mobile devices also enable caregivers to work on critical tasks away from the point of care, which can make them susceptible to distractions. Mounting arms reduce this tendency by encouraging charting at the point of care.

Mounting arms help protect patient information
Tablets can be misplaced, putting patient information at risk. Mounting arms are securely fastened to the wall or ceiling, eliminating concern about physical loss and conforming to HIPAA regulations. Perception of security is also an important factor in patient care. A recent survey found that when patients do not trust that health care providers have reasonable security protections in place for EHRs, they are almost 5 times more likely to withhold information from their caregiver.

Far from being just a piece of equipment, mounting solutions affect everything from workflow to technology adoption rates to patient satisfaction. When mounting arms are appropriately selected and installed, they are dependable solutions that have a positive influence on productivity, health and safety.

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