Computer & Device Mounting Solutions
for Healthcare Architects

ICW’s specialized healthcare mounts are designed for monitors, computers and medical devices. Popular configurations make it easy to specify the right mounts for your healthcare customers.

Healthcare Architects brochure
Download “Specialized Mounts for Healthcare Architects”

Choose from 30 popular mounting configurations.
Our modular options let you fine-tune mounts to the exact functionality needed.
Download our CAD files for your presentation.
Incorporate the right visual for maximum impact.
Inspire your client’s confidence.
Guide their mounting solution decisions to the best mounts for healthcare.

Mounts for all healthcare mounting applications

  • Patient rooms
  • Headwalls
  • Information Technology
  • Operatories
  • Emergency rooms
  • Intensive Care units
  • Medical carts
  • Anesthesia carts
  • Radiology
  • Clean rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Pathology
  • Administrative offices
  • Board rooms, meeting rooms
  • Reception areas

ICW is the Healthcare mount specialist

Our mounts are used extensively in healthcare environments across the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

  • Largest selection of mounts in the industry, easily adaptable to your needs.
  • Interchangeable components let you specify exactly what your customers need.
  • Standard, hybrid and fully custom mounts are available with fast turnaround.

Download “Custom and OEM Mounts from ICW”

Talk directly to our engineers

Experienced, knowledgeable, on-site staff will answer your questions.

Quick response

No waiting for an overseas shipment.Our mounts are designed, manufactured and hand assembled in our Oregon facility.

Top quality mounts manufactured in USA

Our heavy duty components provide years of dependable service that is unrivaled by overseas products. We can quickly engineer a fully custom mount to meet your unique mounting challenges.

Custom colors

We can powder coat your mounts in any color. Some restrictions apply based on volume.

  • Five standard colors are available that match most facility equipment.ICW’s standard powder coated finishes are White, Black, Putty, Tan, Quartz.
  • Our White and Black finishes are writable and erasable with dry erase markers. Please ask an ICW representative for a paint chip sample.

Specialized Healthcare mounts from ICW

  • Fast access to CAD files.
  • Get exactly what you need from our on-site engineers.
  • Popular healthcare configurations make it easy to specify the right mounts.

Download “Choosing Computer Mounts for Healthcare”

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