CPU12 Mount

Protective mount for small form-factor computers Sleek, sturdy case protects and conceals components, holds a wide range of small form-factor computers up to 8” wide x 9” high x 2” deep (20.3 cm x 22.8 cm x 5 cm). Cover swings open and lifts off for easy access to interior components, simplifying hardware installation and maintenance. Case secures with an easy-access hand knob or a theft-resistant fastener with special key. Cables are neatly stowed inside the case and exit through either top or bottom wire ports. Ventilation ports on each side prevent overheating of internal components while protecting them from liquids such as cleaning sprays. … Read more

Computer Mount Overview

Find the ideal mount for your computer’s width and mounting location. ICW’s computer mounts are available in three styles and a variety of sizes. … Read more