ICW Engineers

Steve Ingram is an experienced engineer at ICWUSASteve Ingram

ICW's engineer Steve Ingram develops concepts for computer and device mounts in Solid WorksSteve Ingram uses Solid Works to develop product concepts.

Steve Ingram

I have over 30 years engineering experience working in manufacturing facilities, doing whatever work needed to be done in engineering. My background includes manufacturing equipment design and plant layout, designing and implementing new products, finding the best technology and suppliers to make the components, and documenting the processes to ensure high quality output by the whole manufacturing team.

As an engineer, I gained a wealth of knowledge by actually working in the factory that makes the products I designed. I have my name on several patents for industry-leading innovations and received awards for the products my team developed. I have worked in “MADE IN USA” factories my whole career and I’m very proud of it.

At ICWUSA I enjoy working in engineering as a customer service liaison for technical documentation, and developing new products to satisfy our customers’ needs. I am at the beginning of the information stream our team uses to produce the 2400 products we manufacture in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our 3D CAD system, 3D printer and automated testing equipment are just some of the tools we use to ensure our customers get the right product, on time, to fulfill their needs. We have a great engineering team that is uniquely suited to the challenges we face everyday. You can count on us.

Randy Rodgers is a design engineer at ICWUSARandy Rodgers

One of engineer Randy Rodgers' skills is building prototypes of ICWUSA computer mounting products.Randy Rodgers builds a prototype for a variation of the Overhead Arm.

Randy Rodgers

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University. I have 16 years of experience in mechanical design as an engineer, with another 8 years of mechanical experience as a machinist and fabricator. The combination of my education and hands-on experience enables me to design, prototype, and plan for efficient manufacturing.

I have a keen interest in cars, and prior to joining ICWUSA, I worked in automotive engineering. I was part of a small company that outfitted the world with aftermarket parts for the offroad industry. I not only developed the product line, but built and maintained the company’s competition vehicles.

My hobby is racing cars, which revolves around precise engineering, where every detail is critical. Racing increased my desire to always work for improvement, and I learned to respond with speed and accuracy to the unpredictable situations that occur during a race. I bring those skills to my job at ICWUSA, where I continually look for ways to improve our products, and respond quickly to customer requests.

As a design engineer at ICWUSA, my responsibilities include all aspects of the design and implementation process. I work with our customers on new concepts, produce prototypes, build tooling, and train our assembly team. My job fits me perfectly because I get to do what I love and use all my skills and interests. I have great respect for the term “MADE IN USA” and am proud to work for a company that shares that pride.

Mark Erskine is the engineering team's inventor at ICWUSAMark Erskine

Mark Erskine has 33 years of professional experience as an engineer and inventorMark Erskine tests the performance of an Elite arm in R&D.

Mark Erskine

I have 33 years of professional experience as an engineer and have been with ICWUSA since the company moved to Medford 19 years ago. I designed almost all the company’s products from the very beginning, and have been here through the whole evolution of our product line. The work I’ve done has been important in ICWUSA’s success.

I’ve been interested in engineering since I was young. My grandfather was an inventor and an engineer. He taught me techniques for using machinery and how to be a craftsman. With his guidance, I learned how to think through mechanical problems and come up with practical solutions.

Before joining ICWUSA, I had a wide range of engineering experiences that taught me how to solve complex problems and gave me a balanced knowledge base. I worked for subcontractors in a major city and was not afraid to tackle any project. My most prestigious engineering jobs included designing the first insulin pump for a biomedical company, developing hydraulic gate valves from scratch—including the molds—for the U.S.S. Kittyhawk aircraft carrier, and making parts for Boeing Aerospace. I hold the patent for ICWUSA’s Ultra 180 and 182 innovations.

Because of my extensive experience, I’m expert in using all the machines necessary for tool and die making. I also understand how to design a product so it’s easy to manufacture.

At ICWUSA, my primary role is to be the inventor. I’m not afraid to try new ideas. I picture a design in my head, proof it on 3D CAD, machine a prototype, make refinements, and then present it to management for approval. I’ve worked with a lot of engineers, and this is the best engineering team I’ve ever been on–I really enjoy being part of it.