Ultra 182 Sit Stand Workstation

The unique, patent-pending Ultra 182 mounting arm provides 180° of smooth vertical and horizontal rotation and enables full articulation of monitor and keyboard. This arm adjusts 24″ (61 cm) vertically, adapting quickly and easily to any user’s height. … Read more

Ultra 180 Inverted Wall Mount

The Inverted Ultra 180 arm offers an excellent mounting solution for spaces that need a computer mounted higher on the wall such as above a chair rail. … Read more

Ultra Extension Arms

The AS1 Short Extension Arm provides 6” more reach at either end of arm, adding more function to wall, desk, pole and track mounts. The Ultra A1 Standard Extension Arm provides 10.5” more reach and adds horizontal rotation to Ultra series mounts. … Read more

Keyboard Ultra Slide

The Keyboard Ultra Slide provides a worksurface tray, keyboard tray and mouse tray in one compact, streamlined unit. … Read more

Elite 5216 Double Arm Wall Mount

The compact, powerful and versatile Elite 5216 Double Arm Wall Mount is a true sit-stand workstation that provides up to 30″ (76 cm) of vertical adjustment. … Read more

Ultra 180 Arm Desk Mount

The Ultra 180 mounting arm is fully counter balanced for effortless lifting and lowering of keyboard and monitor. This arm swivels 360° at the desk mount for unsurpassed reach in all directions. … Read more

Ultra 180 Dual Arm Track Mount

The Dual Ultra 180 arm is an innovative solution to the sit-stand workstation. This dual arm configuration offers full articulation of both monitor and keyboard and each arm can support up to 32 lbs (14.5 kg). … Read more