ICW Product Abilities

Extendability – The ICW family of mounts include some that are among the longest reach in the industry.

Manageability – Mounts are designed for maximum cable management.

Stowability – Our products are designed to stow close to the wall.

Flexibility – Standard ICW products meet most customer requirements with our modular design, but customization services are also available.

Durability – Arms and mounting systems are ruggedly designed and tested for commercial use.

Reliability – Through testing and field experience, the ICW product stands up to the rigors of repeated commercial use. is a HIMSS Gold Member
Gold Member

CPU EZ PC Mounts - starting at $84


ICWUSA.COM,Inc specializes in Custom Mounting Solutions. We have the unique capability to help you find the best mounting solution for you, as we are one of the few companies that design, manufacture, and sell within the United States. Let our in-house design and engineering team come up with a design that meets your requirements. Whether we reconfigure one of our many modular products or custom design and build a product that is specific for you. ICW is able to do it all. Call us at 1 800 558 4435 or e-mail us your challenge

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