• ICW mounts provide outstanding flexibility in positioning
  • Fingertip control
  • Long reach and compact stowage
  • Strength, durability and ease of cleaning

Our Products Are Recyclable

ICWUSA’s ergonomic computer monitor and keyboard mounts are designed to create efficient, comfortable workspaces that make your job easier.

What's New

New Scanner Mount and Mini PC Mount

Introducing our NEW Scanner Mount and Mini PC Mount. The Behind-the-monitor Bar Code Scanner Mount fits conveniently out of the way behind the monitor and easily installs on any VESA mount. The Mini PC Mount fits any size Mini PC and also mounts behind the monitor, keeping the computer off the desk or floor. … Read more

New Service Tray

Shown on the Elite Double Arm. Mounts to any ICW arm that has our new Ultra Flip Up Keyboard Tray. 16” by 5½” tray holds medications and other small, important items. 1/4″ lip prevents items from rolling off. Conveniently flips … Read more

Custom and OEM Mounts

High speed turnaround of your custom mount. We can quickly customize and manufacture a mount to fit your specific device. Off-the-shelf, fully custom and hybrid solutions are available. Design, engineering and manufacturing in Medford, Oregon. You can visit our facility … Read more